Garden Soil

We offer a variety of different types of soils for your landscape projects and gardening needs.


Garden Compost

The addition of compost improves the water-holding capacity of the soil and by adding organic matter to the soil, compost can help improve plant growth and health.

G&B Organics Blue Ribbon Blend

Potting Soil for Vegetables and Plants
1.5 cu. ft. (42.5L) bag

An exceptional potting soil for indoor and outdoor containers. Organic premium ingredients—including beneficial mycorrhizae and coir

For indoor & outdoor use
Ideal container mix
Great for raised beds
Ready to use—no mixing

Soil Garden Blend

Garden Blend is a planting soil formulated for landscape beds, ground cover beds, and backfilling new plantings. It provides high moisture-holding ability and a very productive nutrient utilization system.

G&B Organics Potting Soil

Potting Soil For Indoor & Outdoor Potting
1 cu. ft. (28L) bag

Ideal for indoor or outdoor potting, container planting, or raised beds.

Great for raised beds
Ready to use—no mixing

Premium Topsoil

Our premium topsoil makes a great filler for any of your landscaping needs.

G&B Organics Acid Planting Mix

For All Acid Loving, Shade Dwelling Plants
2 cu. ft. (56L) bag

Made especially for acid-loving, shade-dwelling plants

Organic acid planting mix from premium ingredients.

Great for azaleas, camellias, rhododendrons, gardenias, hydrangeas, citrus, blueberries, conifers, ferns, dogwoods and maples