Rock Slinger Truck Service


Our slinger service is a fast and convenient way to place rocks, bark, and topsoil in hard to reach areas of a yard or for retaining walls, sidewalks, utility trenches, and more. This service is convenient for Commercial and Residential projects.

The new way of aggregate delivery is by way of a slinger truck! A dump truck usually has a square box and typically four axles. Our slinger truck has a ā€œVā€ shaped box with a 20-foot-long conveyor that is high speed, remote control, and capable of throwing material 75 feet accurately. No more mess and no more taking material to its final destination scoop by scoop.

The slinger truck is operated by one person by a wireless remote control (that also drives the truck forward, backward, and steers it too!) Because of this feature, the operator can keep a close eye on the material being placed for accuracy.

We save you money. We deliver larger amounts of material, giving you more bang for your buck per load. More impressively, we can place material accurately, saving you labor and equipment costs by cutting out the wheelbarrow crews or aggregate moving equipment. You also save on the cleanup as we can place material exactly where you need it, whether it be a large project or small.