Fountains and Bubbler Rocks

We offer a wide variety of fountains including: Basalt fountains of all sizes, limestone fountains, pink champagne fountains, green mountina marble fountains, seashore fountains, glacier granite fountains, tundra fountains, valley red fountains, rhyolite fountains, black magic fountains, green zebra fountains, driftwood fountains, pottery fountains, Cabinet Gorge fountains, ibex fountains and more! We can customize each of these to suit your needs and landscaping project size.

Our natural stone water features add value and beauty to your home’s landscape. Building a water feature can seem daunting, but with our products, installing an attractive water feature is now a one day job. Safe, stable, easily installed, our natural fountains feature a bottom cut for stability: just on example of the engineered elements we use to provide the best water features available.

We provide all the materials you will need to build an attractive rock fountain water feature. Beautiful natural stone fountains, high quality pumps and the best industry components ensure that your water feature will have the beauty, durability and functionality of a professionally installed project.

A few basic garden tools and a little effort and you’ll have a beautiful water feature that you’ll enjoy for years to come. Should you decide you would like a little help, we offer full or part installation services.


Dancing Water Basalt Fountain

Basalt Bubbler Fountains

Basalt Bubbler Fountains

Zen Basalt Fountain

White Quartz Fountain

Green Mountain Marble Bubbler Fountain

Basalt Polished Bubbler Fountain

Ibex Bubbler Fountain

Basalt Waterfall

Glacier Granite Fountain

Silver Creek Columns

Pink Champagne Bubbler Fountain

3 Section Polished Basalt Fountain

Granite Sphere Rolling Fountain

Fountain Accessories