Bark & Mulch

We offer different types of bark & mulch for all landscape projects.  Bark and Mulch are natural materials.  Some landscape products can vary in color, texture, size, and weight because of many factors.  It is recommended to view the products at our location in person.


Supreme Shredded Walk-On Bark

Smaller than standard walk-on barks, this material has the lush appearance and cushioned feel of the forest floor. Consisting of various particle sizes, this fibrous and woody bark mixture interlocks (knits down) after installation and is often used as ground cover in high wind situations.

Dark Hemlock

Our Dark Hemlock bark really shows off your landscaping with its deep rich colors. It is sure to make your yard pop with color.

Certified Playground Bark

This bark provides a softer landing area.  Playground bark is made all natural and safe for children and pets.  6″ to 12″ deep layer suggested.

Weed Fabric

Our weed fabric will prevent weeds from popping up in your garden, pond, bubbler fountains, bark area, and garden areas.  

Small Nugget

Our small nugget bark is perfect for any project and garden beds.