Irregular Steps

Irregular Steps

Dimensional Steps

Dimensional Flagstone

Dimensional Flagstone

Grand Flagstone

Grand Flagstone

Old Mission Pavers

Old Mission Pavers

Belvedere Small Wall Collection

Claremont Small Wall Collection

Dimensional Small Wall Collection

Outcropping Tall Wall Collection

Outcropping Tall Wall Collection

Fire Pit Round KIt

Fire Pit Round Square

Large Seat Wall Kit

 Castohn Rosetta Stone Collection

The Castohn Rosetta Stone Collection is available in following colors charcoal, coffee, desert sand, and smoke.



The Rosetta Step Collection gives you the the rugged attractiveness of natural stone but combines it with the safety and comfort of uniform rise. Rosetta’s Irregular Step line is perfect for free-flowing, natural staircases, while Rosetta’s Dimensional Step line is ideal for more formal, sophisticated settings.


The perfect choice for graceful walkways and elegant patios that require consistent dimensions and a more formal, sophisticated look than the free-flowing Grand Flagstone collection.


A perfect fit for patios, pathways, pool decks, outdoor kitchens and more. Grand Flagstone slabs maintain the attractive texture and scale of large natural flagstones but can be laid in an easy-to-install pattern.


Time-worn, natural look, with superior functionality.



The Rosetta Belvedere  Collection is an ideal choice for garden retaining walls, two-sided seat walls, enclosure walls, and much more. Multiple unit sizes, along with an industry-leading 64 unique stone textures, give the Belvedere Collection an incredibly natural look and feel.


The Claremont Collection gives a more contemporary feel while maintaining an elegant, natural stone look. It’s great for seat walls or small retaining walls, and also makes impressive columns.


The Dimensional Wall Collection is a great choice for garden walls, freestanding walls, columns and edging with hand-chiseled texture.



The relatively large dimensions of the Rosetta Outcropping units allow you to create grand, structural walls in a scale that is both believable and inspiring. The Outcropping Collection was designed with 12 unique size units and 24 unique stone textures to create the most natural appearance possible. Fully engineered to exacting specifications, the Outcropping Collection is not limited by the inconsistent properties of natural stone, yet maintains its appearance and feel.


Firepit Kit (Square & Round)

What better way to enjoy your outdoor living area than to gather around a beautiful fire pit with friends and family. The natural stone look of these fire pits transform your outdoor space into an inviting, warm retreat. Precast concrete is fire-safe and engineered to weather the hardest outdoor elements.

Bar Kit

Entertaining in fashion with this custom built outdoor bar.

Large Seat Wall Kit

Combining Belvedere and Outcropping collections to provide a unique setting.

Western Interlock Stone Collection


Paving Stones

Western Interlock manufactures a wide selection of styles shapes, colors, and shades of paving stones. We stock many of those styles at our yard and we can order any that we don’t have in stock. Paving stones create a texture and striking appearance that is far superior to asphalt or concrete. Using Western Interlock paving stones, you’ll never have to worry about the cracking and surface deterioration so common to other forms of pavement. These paving stones make them the perfect surface to add elegance to your home, office or public space. They can be used for patios, walkways, pool decks, plazas, courtyards, streets, and driveways.

Retaining Walls

Western Interlock retaining walls come in variety of textures, colors, and shapes. Perfect for building garden walls, planters, retaining walls, and areas with water features.

Fire Pits and Fireplaces

Western Interlock also has complete kits that build fire pits and fireplaces. No need to figure out how many bricks you need. You get all the parts needed to put your fire pit or fireplace together.

We also have Landscaping Boulders, Stones Pots, & Waterfall Stones

Waterfall Stones & Kits

Landscape Boulders

Stone Pots

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Irregular Steps

Irregular Steps

Dimensional Steps

Roca Rotundo Stone Pavers

Plaza Stone Pavers

Park Stone Pavers

La Pietra Stone Pavers

La Lastra Stone Pavers

Holland Stone Pavers

Granite Holland Stone Pavers

Cobble Slim Stone Pavers

City Square Stone Pavers

Camino Stone Pavers

Arena Stone Pavers

Alpine Stone Pavers

Tegula Garden Retaining Wall

Slope Block Retaining Wall

Nursery Stone Retaining Wall

Chateau Stone Retaining Wall

Tegula Fire Pit Kit

Chateau Fire Pit Kit

Deschutes Fireplace Kit

Rogue Fireplace Kit